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Vintage Selmer Bundy Eb Alto Clarinet #7538 - Repair Tech Special

Product Code: 7538SelmerBundyAltClar

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Warm Sweet Tone - Great Price
Product Description
This is a Selmer Bundy Eb alto clarinet, serial number #7538. The Eb alto clarinet is a warmer mellow family member of the Bb clarinet, these horns are used rarely included the full concert ensemble or orchestra, but are commonplace in clarinet ensemble music such as trios, quartets, quintets, and as a full range ensemble. Jazz players have been known to use them in smaller combo situations to great success as the range stretches from concert Gb at the bottom of the bass clef, up to A above the treble clef. This range effectively covers everything the tenor sax would be covering, including altissimo!
Currently, this instrument does not play, it is in need of new pads, key materials, and key fits need to be addressed as well as a dent in the bell. Physically, it's in good condition and is worth an overhaul only to a player in need of an alto clarinet! You can add an overhaul to this clarinet for an additional fee, send inquiries to