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Vintage Professional SML King Marigaux Wood Bass Clarinet - Serial # 2062

Product Code: 2062KingMBassClTC

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Product Description


Traditionally, the vintage Selmer bass clarinets are great for doublers and jazz enthusiasts because they are forgiving and yet still provide a warm and full sound. Throw all that out the window though, if you can get your hands on a “real” jazz bass clarinet! This is a vintage King Marigaux wood bass clarinet to low Eb, serial number 2062. This is an outstanding instrument for woodwind players who may not be primarily clarinetists, looking for something for pit gigs and in the jazz setting.


The King Marigaux brand was a stencil made by SML, and while we see a good number of vintage SML and King M saxophones, we've only had a handful of bass clarinets come through over the last couple decades. And each time, I'm impressed. This one needs pads currently, but I can promise you will not be disappointed once it is done up. The last one we had had the deepest and fullest sound you can imagine, very robust tone throughout the range of the instrument.


We are currently offering this one as-is at a low price, but if you'd like us to do the work, we're happy to restore it. Our overhaul would include all new pads and material, fresh adjustment, and cleaning/oiling of the body and cleaning of all the keys. There is currently one small crack near the top of the bottom joint, and we would properly repair (pin) that so that it won't be an issue in the future. There are no other cracks and no other previous crack repairs anywhere in the clarinet.


Once restored, this will be a fun clarinet for any setting where you need a fat, warm sound and excellent projection.