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Vandoren Optimum Ligature for Bb Clarinet in Black Finish

Product Code: LC01BP

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MSRP: $ 168.00 You save $76.00
The Hottest Ligature Giving Players the Most Versatility
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Product Description
Unsurpassed performance and reliability
Precise and rapid tightening; a unique double-track screw mechanism tightens both sides of the ligature equally. Vertical and symmetrical tightening:
  • Adjusts easily on the mouthpiece
  • The reed remains exactly in place
Neither reed nor ligature are compressed at the sides.
Easily adjusts for any situation
Three interchangeable pressure plates adjust to the sound, style, and musical piece you're performing.
Expression with freedom
The collar around the mouthpiece remains independent of the area in contact with the reed, allowing the vibrations of the reed to develop without interference. With Vandoren's Optimum Ligature, you'll find that more and more reeds perform to your expectations.
All Vandoren Optimum ligatures come with a plastic cap. This is the BLACK model for Bb Clarinet.
For more information, see Vandoren's website.