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Selmer Paris Hard Rubber HS* Mouthpiece for Eb Clarinet - 0.041in/1.04mm

Product Code: SelmHSstrEbClarJC

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Selmer Paris CLASSIC Mouthpiece!
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Product Description
This is a Selmer Paris hard rubber HS* for Eb clarinet measuring just shy of 0.042in/1.04mm. This mouthpiece is a standard piece that comes with every Selmer clarinet because of its reliable centered tone. This piece is in great condition, the original paint still shows on the engraving for the logo, the table, side rails, and rail tip have virtually no divots or dings to them, and the beak has only very light teeth markings. This piece has a light amount of oxidation to the side of the tip, but this is only an aesthetic blemish and does not affect the playability of this piece.
Sonically this piece plays with nice projection compared to something else standard like a George M Bundy piece that came with C.G. Conn instruments. This piece plays with a strong centered tone in the lower register and supports the upper register without much back pressure. This is a handy mouthpiece for a clarinet player in school who may be sharing an eefer, or will own one for themself soon as Eb clarinets don't always come with their own mouthpiece. 
Ships without ligature nor mouthpiece cap.