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New Royal Global MAX Bb Clarinet - Superb Student Clarinet

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New Max by Royal Global
Product Description
The Royal Global Max Bb clarinet is the perfect choice for beginning clarinet students. Meticulously crafted from Royal Global's proprietary ECO wood composite material, the Max delivers a superior feel and sound compared to all other plastic or synthetic clarinets. With similar density and acoustical properties to grenadilla wood, the Max offers a rich, warm, and expressive sound, but without the fear of cracks and dimensional changes associated with wooden clarinets.
Featuring durable and reliable silver plated key work, the Max Bb clarinet can withstand the rigors of everyday use by beginning band students or even the harsh conditions of marching band seasons. With its exceptional sound quality and superior craftsmanship, the Royal Global Max Bb clarinet is an ideal choice for students who are looking to get the best start to their musical journey.

Every Royal Global clarinet includes an inspection and set-up from our shop. Ships with hard plastic case and accessories.

  • Pitch:440
  • Body:Proprietary Eco-Composite
  • Bore:Poly-Cylindrical
  • Barrel:Composite, 65mm
  • Key work finish:Silver Plated
  • Springs:Blue Steel
  • Pads:Leather