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New Royal Global – Classical Limited Bb Clarinet

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Professional Clarinet at a Semi-Professional Price
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Product Description
We are ecstatic to now be a dealer for Royal Global Clarinets!

Every Royal Global clarinet includes an inspection and set-up from our shop. Ships with hard plastic case and accessories.
The Classical Limited clarinet is Royal Global's answer to the call for a more refined semi- professional clarinet. Available in both Bb and A, the carefully designed bore provides increased tonal flexibility and color compared to the Genesis. With an additional barrel for more accurate intonation and an alternate Ab/Eb key as a standard setup, the Classical Limited represents the best value in the semi-professional clarinet market.
Professional key-work and design at a semi-professional price.
A carefully designed poly-cylindrical bore that provides unsurpassed intonation and even tone throughout.
  • Pitch : 440 or 442 Hz 
  • Body : High Quality Aged Grenadilla 
  • Bore : Poly-Cylindrical 
  • Barrel: 65mm and 66mm 
  • Keywork finish : Silver Plated 17 Keys 
  • Springs : Blue steel 
  • Pads : Valentino 
All Royal Global clarinets are professionally set up in our shop before shipping.