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New! D'Addario Reserve Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet

Product Code: RicoResvCLMpc

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3 Facing Options
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Product Description

This is the new line of clarinet mouthpieces by the D'Addario Company, The New D'Addario Reserve. Designed in the spirit of the best vintage hard rubber mouthpieces the Reserve is a master work in collaboration of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Each Reserve mouthpiece is milled out of hard rubber as opposed to coming from a mold. The milling process allows for a better end product which is much more consistent.

Developed by some of the top engineers and professional clarinetist of today. The D'Addario Reserve is an outstanding mouthpiece for the professional and progressive student. Available facings are : 

X0 (1.00mm tip opening, A=441hz)
X5 (1.05mm tip opening, A=441hz)
X10 (1.12mm tip opening, A=441hz)
X10E (1.11mm tip opening, A=442hz)
X15E (1.18mm tip opening, A = 442hz)