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NEW! ClarinetQuest Barrels by Rice Clarinet Works - Delrin Material

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By Rice Clarinet Works
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Product Description
We are estatic to now be able to offer a professional clarinet barrel. All of our barrels are manufactured by Wes Rice Clarinet Works. These barrels are available in wood and delrin material.
Made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials, these clarinet barrels will improve every aspect of your playing. They will make any clarinet sound better, and can even breathe new life into an old clarinet!
Delrin is a dense composite material which possesses acoustical properties similar to grenadilla wood. The design of the Delrin clarinet barrel is identical to the wooden clarinet barrel and is made to the highest standards of accuracy.
On some clarinets, a Delrin clarinet barrel will actually sound better than a wooden barrel, so it's always a good idea to try a few of each. Since Delrin is a composite material, you will never have to worry about the barrel warping, cracking, or changing over time.
Tuning Specs 
Rice Clarinet Works Barrels have a smoother, more uniform tuning curve across the scale than a stock barrel. Overall, the notes that were flat with a stock barrel are closer to being in tune, and the sharp upper register notes are brought down. This results in easier tuning with ensembles, and more attention can be given to other areas of your playing.