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Lot of 2 Buffet Crampon Paris Mouthpieces for Bb Clarinet

Product Code: ISI13144BuffetClarTC

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Product Description

This is a lot of 2 Buffet Crampon Paris mouthpieces for the Bb clarinet.


The first is an older hard rubber mouthpiece. It shows the traditional Buffet stamp on top, and is stamped with the facing “C” on the body just to the right of the table. The piece shows light oxidation on the body near the shank/cork, but otherwise only cosmetic wear such as surface scratching and whatnot. No deep teeth wear/indents in the beak, and the tip and rails are in excellent condition. The tip measures .051” (1.29mm).


The second is a more modern Buffet mouthpiece, and is ebonite as opposed to true hard rubber. It shows more noticeable scratching, as wear tends to show up more easily on ebonite pieces, but the only major wear of note is a couple teeth grooves in the beak. Tip and rails are still in very good shape, and are factory original. The stamping on the mouthpiece reads A2B on the left, and 17.5/106 on the right. I measure it just under that though, at .041” (1.04mm). Comes with a 2 screw standard ligature.