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BG France Reed Performers for All Saxes and Clarinets

Product Code: BGReedPerformers

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Product Description

This is a simple idea which really enhances your play and performance. The BG France Reed Performer is a small sticker-like cushion which attaches to the curved body of the reed. This small added weight improves sound by adding warmth and removing "fuzzy" timbre. It imitates reed fibers, and you can get positive results on dying "good" reeds but also improve brand new "bad" reeds out of the box. They are also reusable, simply peel them off and move them to new reeds as you go. Available in a set of 3, in two sizes :

  •     A80S - fits Bb Clarinet, Alto & Soprano Saxes
  •     A80L - fits Bass Clarinet, Tenor & Bari Saxes