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I hope everyone had a great summer. In St Louis this week, I was reminded of the joys of midwest living, where you can have a high of 97 one day (yesterday and today), followed by highs of 71 and 64 (tomorrow and Friday). Just like that, put away the shorts and break out the jackets!

We have had a fun summer at Saxquest. We had a great time visiting with worldclass artists visiting the shop for repairs, or just stopping in to play some horns, as well as meeting many up-and-coming high school and college players in the area and from across the country. The repair shop is grinding away, and actually starting to get “caught up” after a couple years in a row of very long wait times. If you’ve been holding out on getting your sax or clarinet adjusted, trying to eek out every lost drop of pad life before getting a few replaced, now may be the time to finally get it in to the shop. Let us get it back into perfect playing shape for you!

Today I wanted to point out a page on our website that is often overlooked, our “What’s New” page. We get calls every day asking if we can be on the look-out for a “5 digit VI” or a “pearl side key Super 20″ or a “used pro Yamaha at a good price.” Unfortunately there’s a whole lot of people looking for those kinds of horns, so while we do our best to fulfill requests when possible, it would be a herculean effort to find a 5 digit VI for every person who’s called over the last 20 years. The best thing you can do is to bookmark our “What’s New” page, and go there once or twice a week to see what has come in to the shop. Everything we post is listed there immediately, and it’ll save you time from having to click through the various links on our website to see if we have a particular item in stock.

As always, drop us a line if you’d like to visit or if you have any questions.

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