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WOW! Outstanding Patricola Special CL1 S Professional Eb Clarinet, Serial #4722

Product Code: 4722PatriEb

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Top Notch Professional Eb Clarinet
Product Description
This is a beautiful Fartelli Patricola Special CL1 (S) Eb clarinet, serial number 4722. Talk about a stunning instrument. The construction of the Special features a highly dense wood body and very ergonomic key work. The key work does show off a secondary octave vent and adjustable foot screws under the lower table keys. It includes two Grenadilla ring-less barrels. 
The Paticola is a top notch playing professional Eb clarinet. It has an incredible balance from top to bottom allowing for superb control and precise intonation. The response to air and amount of positive resistance is incredible on the CL1. Its nickel key work is in superb condition and is extremely comfortable under the fingers. This particular clarinet is currently in our shop being fine adjusted and ships in perfect playing condition with the original case.
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