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Vandoren Paris B44 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bb Bass Clarinet - 1.78mm

Product Code: VandBassB44Mpc120422
Condition: Used - Good

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Product Description
This is a Vandoren B44 hard rubber mouthpiece for Bass clarinet. This piece is in good physical condition. The table, side rails, and tip rail are all in fantastic condition with no divots across the whole facing. The beak has cosmetic blemishes across it unrelated to teeth markings. There are some scrapes from the ligature this piece used to be used with. Some of the paint has been worn off as well specifically on the top, but the ligature lines are still all there. 
The chamber on this piece is shaped wide and draws in the flat walls gradually to the throat to enhance ease of air flow, the floor is nicely rounded to create a semi-rounded chamber.
The tip opening on this piece measures just shy of 1.78mm (0.070 inches).