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Used Vandoren Paris B45 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet - 1.193mm

Product Code: VandB45HRCL12220
Condition: Used - Good

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Product Description
This is a Vandoren B45 hard rubber mouthpiece for Bb clarinet. This piece is in great physical condition showing a few light markings from previous teeth placement and some faint traces of ligature markings.
The side rails, tip, and table are unharmed from the use this piece has experienced. The chamber of this piece is slightly narrow, semi-rounded with a pronounced inward angle towards the throat to make more efficient use of air intake. The tip opening on this piece measures at 1.19mm (0.046 inches) with a standard length facing.
The beak has very few teeth markings, and the paint has only become faint on one engraving underneath the ligature. The rest of the piece has only faint ligature markings, but the gold paint is still intact.