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Used Buffet Paris R13 Clarinet in Bb - Ships w/ New Pads - Serial # 244064

Product Code: 244064BuffetR13Bb

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Product Description

This is an early 1980s vintage Buffet Paris R13 series clarinet in Bb, serial number 244064. This clarinet is a wonderful instrument for the advancing player looking to pick up their first R13 on a budget. It will get a fresh overhaul from our shop before shipping, and go out with all new pads and material, ready for a long time to come.


This clarinet was previously owned by a professional player on the east coast. For playing comfort, they added risers on many of the touch points, as seen in the photos, but we'll remove these during our repad, and polish the keys clean. A lever has also been adding for trilling low C#/Db or G#/Ab just above the staff. We'll probably leave this on, unless the buyer would prefer to have it removed (very easy job).


Physically, this grenadilla wood R13 is in good overall condition. There was previously one crack in the upper joint, which was professionally repaired and sealed with 4 pins. The thumbrest has been moved slightly lower, as seen in the photos, and a ring added for a neckstrap if so desired. There is mild finish wear on a couple touch points, but overall very straight. The clarinet comes comes complete with its original 66mm barrel, as well as an aftermarket Buffet Moennig barrel, measuring 67mm. It also has an original, unused Buffet mouthpiece with silver ligature and cap.


Our overhaul will include all new pads throughout, new material, and a precise key adjustment. We'll regulate the action and spring tensions for optimal feel and response, and have everything in tip-top shape before shipping. If you've been looking for an R13 for a student, this is the bargain of the day.