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Tonalin-Style Arnold Brilhart Personaline L5 Clarinet Mouthpiece - Serial # 11265

Product Code: 11265BrilL5ClarTC

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Product Description

This is an older vintage Arnold Brilhart Tonalin-style Personaline series mouthpiece for the Bb clarinet, serial number 11265. This piece is in outstanding physical condition despite its age, with no major physical wear to speak of, including no teeth indents/wear on the original wood grain style bite plate. There’s some sticky residue on top of the body which I was afraid to scrub too hard to clean, for fear of removing some of the factory stamping right there, but you may have better luck than I. The piece is stamped an L5 and is completely original, with tip measuring .047” (1.19mm). Very cool mouthpiece for collectors of vintage pieces and doublers in particular.