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Superb Condition Yamaha Custom CSVR Bb Clarinet - Serial # 05715

Product Code: 05715YamahaCSVR
Condition: Refurbished

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Product Description

This is an excellent condition Yamaha Custom CSVR clarinet in Bb, serial number 05715. This is a fine, top level professional clarinet and an excellent choice for players on a budget. We've become huge fans of the CSVR over the last couple years, and this instrument does not disappoint.


The grenadilla wood body joints with original barrel and bell are all in great shape, with no previous cracks or crack repairs. The silver plated keywork shows just minor finish wear and surface scratching, but nothing more than just cosmetic. The instrument is about 5 years old, and has obviously been very well cared for. It was fully repadded about 2 years ago, and has not been played since. Our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, will go through the instrument and make any adjustments needed to make sure it is in perfect regulation before shipping.


This clarinet plays with a warm and focused core sound, with a lively and fast response. Very smooth and effortless, and lots of depth and color. This Yamaha ships in its original case with original case cover, and has two professional mouthpieces included, a Selmer Paris HS* and a Vandoren Paris 5RV Lyre.