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Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet With Silver Keys #E1275 (AS IS)

Product Code: E1275SelmBassClarLowC41422

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Extended Low Range Bass Clarinet
Product Description
This is a beautifully playing Selmer Paris bass clarinet with a low C, serial number E1275 dating it in the 90's. This bass clarinet is in great playing condition, all the low keys are working great and regulated to play without having to hold down multiple keys like in earlier models. The grenadilla wood is in great shape with no cracks to be found and the keys are plated in silver.
Sonically this bass plays with brilliance and focus, it projects nicely and each low note is homogenous with the whole horn's sound. Response from low to high registers are smooth and free blowing. This bass will recieve a full overhaul from our repair shop before shipping, all new pads, corks, felts, and materials will be replaced and all key actions will be made smooth and easy.
Players looking for a rich focused bass clarinet that lives a bit on the bright side tonally would enjoy this instrument. In many settings players search for ways to project more with bass clarinet, and this one is a great option. Intonation is rock solid, and the keywork provides alternate fingerings in left and right hand to conquer any complex lines.
This instrument will ship with a hardwood selmer box case with 2 rollers installed.