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Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet With Low C And Silver Keys - #E8576

Product Code: E8576SelmBassClarLowC41422

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Amazing Extended Low End
Product Description
Here we have a Henri Selmer bass clarinet in silver plated keys with a low C, serial number #E8576 dating this one somewhere in the 1990's. These selmer bass clarinets have a massive sound paired thanks to their large bore desing, in this one a player will find a solid focused tone that projects with brilliance and sweetness evenly.
Physically this bass clarinet is in perfect condition with no scratches, cracks, wear marks, or dents to be found! The owner of this instrument took very good care of it. The neck included has a charles bay improved angle attatchment for your neck, one in silver plate, the other in chrome plate. These aftermarket attatchments allow the player to approach the mouthpiece at a more convenient angle while the instrument can still be leaned toward the player. This clarinet will recieve a few adjustments in our repair shop before it's ready to go out.
Sonically this bass blows freely across all registers and each bridge to the next tessitura is a buttery smooth transition. Keyed to low C (concert Bb below bass clef), and up to the altissimo and beyond with alternate pinky keys to allow more mobility in the low register.
This one ships in a BAM bass clarinet case with plenty of space for music, accessories, and mouthpieces.