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Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet - Low C - Silver Keys #E8991

Product Code: E8991SelmBassClarLowC42022

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Exquisite Tone - Keyed to Low C!
Product Description
Here we have a Selmer Paris bass clarinet keyed down to low C in fantastic condition, with a serial number of #E8991, which dates this instrument to the 1990s. These Selmer bass clarinets are known for having a large bore and a focused powerful tone. 
Physically this bass is in great condition for its age, the owner took very close care of it as there is not much wear to be found on the keys, no cracks or dings either. The engravings are all in a fine state as well. This horn is playing decently on old materials and as such Saxquest has it in line for a set up to replace a few older pads and materials.
Sonically a player can expect this bass clarinet to have a rich powerful low register that flows effortlessly to a very sweet freeblowing clarion register. Someone who is wanting to fill out their arsenal could fill that essential low C role. 
This instrument will ship in a BAM Trekking case for a low C with plenty of room for accessories, sheet music, and folders.