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Recently Repadded Buffet R13 Series Bb Clarinet - Serial # 202445

Product Code: 202445BuffetR13Clar

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Great Price on a Professional Wood R13
Product Description

This is a freshly repadded used Buffet Crampon Paris R13 series clarinet in Bb, serial number 202445. This clarinet is in tremendous shape and is a fine player for the advancing student or professional player on a budget. If you've been hunting for a solid professional R13 but don't want to pay the high “new” price, this is a great option.


This clarinet shows no previous cracks or crack repairs, and has been well cared for. It was just repadded in another shop, and the work is extremely good, allowing us to sell it without putting any more work into it. The keywork feels crisp and lively under your fingers, and it is sealing perfectly. The original bell and barrel are both included, and it ships with a replacement Buffet mouthpiece with matching ligature and cap set.


This is the perfect clarinet for any advancing clarinetist looking to step up to the professional level. It plays with a focused, warm core sound, while taking your air comfortably and offering just a bit of positive resistance to give you something to push against. It is forgiving in all the right ways, allowing for growth and advancement, yet is versatile enough to allow for expression for demanding players. A great all-around R13 for the price. Ships in its original case.


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