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Quality Yamaha Custom CSVR Bb Clarinet - Serial # 07988

Product Code: 07988YamahaCSVRBb

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Product Description

This is a very lightly used, pristine condition Yamaha Custom CSVR Bb clarinet, serial number 07988. This instrument is in tremendous shape and a fantastic deal for pro players looking for a top shelf clarinet at a substantial savings. The CSVR is one of the top selling clarinets today, and nearly impossible to get “new” at the moment, with long waits from Yamaha. You can grab this one and save!


This instrument has been well cared for and shows no wear of note. The silver plated keywork is pristine with no wear, and there are no cracks or previous repairs to the grenadilla wood body. There is one deep wood grain in the barrel as seen in photo # 16, but our techs have carefully looked it over and confirmed it is not a crack (does not go through to the inside/bore). But I'm pointing it out in full disclosure.

This clarinet will get a fresh cleaning and adjustment from our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, before shipping, to make sure it gets to you in perfect playing shape. This beauty plays with a very warm, focused tone, with an easy response and offering outstanding control to the player. Very deep and full sound. Comes in its original case with case cover.