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Professional Series Leblanc LL Clarinet in Bb - Serial # 16835

Product Code: 16835LeblancLLClar

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Freshly Adjusted, Ships with Original Mouthpiece
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Product Description

This is a very nice vintage Leblanc LL series Bb clarinet, serial number 16835. This clarinet is in fantastic shape and is a very nice player. It will be freshly adjusted in our repair shop and ships in perfect playing condition.


This professional wood clarinet shows no past cracks or cracks repairs in any of the original included parts, including barrel and bell. The barrel measures 66mm. It even has its original mouthpiece with matching ligature and cap set! This is the complete set for players who love these vintage Leblanc instruments.


Pads are in excellent shape, with cork pads in the upper joint. The clarinet will get a fresh adjustment in our repair shop by Audrey Denny before we ship. She'll replace any material not up to our standard and any pads starting to age, and regulate the instrument throughout. This clarinet plays with that true Leblanc sound, and has a really nice response. Great for the advancing musician looking for their first professional clarinet, or anyone wanting an alternative to the traditional Buffet sound. Ships in a good hard case.