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Professional Buffet R13 A Clarinet - LOW PRICE - Serial # 565233

Product Code: 565233BuffR13AClarinet

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Product Description
This is a recent Buffet Paris R13 model A clarinet, serial number 565233. This clarinet is only about 10 or 12 years old. It was just freshly re-padded in our shop by Audrey Denny. It is now in perfect condition and ships with a nice double clarinet case by Buffet and an additional aftermarket 65mm barrel. The clarinet now features a brand new set of Valentino pads with cork pads in the upper joint. All of the cork and felt work is also brand new. The key work has a ultra smooth and fluid feel under the fingers. 
This clarinet shows 2 previous cracks in the upper joint, which have been pinned and professionally repaired. The work is good, and the clarinet seals now. There are no cracks in the bottom joint or original 65mm barrel. There is one small crack in the bell, and also a crack in the second barrel, a handmade custom 66mm. Sounds like a lot of past work, but in reality, the instrument still has plenty to offer to its next owner! It has now been restored to perfect playing condition in our shop with all new pads and materials. 
If you've been looking for an A clarinet on a budget, you won't find a better deal than this one, especially one with a fresh professional re-pad. It ships in its original Buffet double case, with the empty slot available for your Bb.
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