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Otto Link Tone Edge 5* Slant Signature Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet

Product Code: SlantLink5sClarinet617

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Hard Rubber Vintage Slant for Clarinet
Product Description
Here is a vintage Tone Edge 5* mouthpiece by Otto Link for Bb clarinet with a tip opening of 0.049inch/1.24mm. These mouthpieces are great for jazz players looking for a bigger sound on clarinet to help match against a sax section. The baffle is the main feature as it has a rolled tip baffle that's fairly prominent, so the edge will be noticeable in the tone. The side walls are flat and the chamber is semi rounded. 
The table, side rails, and rail tip are all in fantastic condition, featuring very little wear and original factory milling marks still present. The white Otto Link paint in the engravings are only fading in a select few areas, specifically under the ligature.