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NICE Vintage Selmer Paris 'Centered Tone' Series Bb Clarinet - Serial # R6150

Product Code: R6150SelmerCTBb

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Ships with Fresh Overhaul
Product Description


Cool old vintage Selmer Paris Centered Tone series clarinet in Bb, serial number R6150. As a saxophonist, I love these old Selmers for their easy blowing nature; they make fantastic instruments for doublers. This one is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh overhaul, and will ship in tip-top playing shape.


The serial number on this instrument dates it to 1959, one of the last CT instruments off the line before the introduction of the Series 9. Despite its age, it remains in remarkable condition, with no cracks or visible crack repairs in the body. This vintage, dense grenadilla wood certainly holds up! The instrument comes complete with original 66mm barrel and bell, and with a Selmer HS** mouthpiece (with matching silver ligature and cap).


The clarinet had been sitting for a number of years when it came into our shop; as such, we're going to do a complete clean and repad on it. We'll replace all pads and material, adjust spring tensions and key heights, and leave it in optimal playing condition. When you receive it, it'll be ready to bring years of enjoyment. Ships in a vintage “Selmer tripack ready” hard case.