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New Selmer Paris Reeds for Bb Clarinet

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Box of 6 Reeds
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Product Description
In the 130th anniversary of the company's founding, Henri Selmer Paris is creating buzz and returning to its initial activity: the design and manufacturing of reeds. Following tradition, Selmer uses reed cane from the south of France, and stands out by using wild cane, which is richer if fiber, and offers greater durability and lifespan.
Three years of work, in collaboration with the most demanding musicians, were necessary for Selmer research and development to perfect the profile of a reed adapted to the needs of artists across all musical spectrums, including classical, jazz, and popular music. Ease of vibration, flexibility, richness of sound, and a unique balance across all registers symbolize this new reed. High precision machines guarantee a quality and regularity in the cut. State-of-the-art reed calibration allows musicians to find more great reeds in each box.
These reeds come in a box of 6. The box itself is a reed case, with 6 slots for the reeds, and each slot is numbered to help you rotate or differentiate them as needed.