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New Henri Selmer Paris Model 41 BBb Contra Bass Clarinet

Product Code: Selmer41BbContra

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MSRP: $ 55,243.00 You save $13,813.00
Product Description

The shape of this clarinet is what sets it apart from the rest: folded back on itself, it is 2.31 meters long! Made from metal and wood, it extends a full octave lower than the Bb bass clarinet.


Selmer Paris has a long history of creating the highest quality professional clarinets. The Selmer Paris 41 Contra Bass clarinet is made at the highest professional standard. It features an aged rosewood body, silver plated nickel silver keywork, leather pads with metal resonators, and an adjustable silver plated neck for tuning. With articulated G# and Eb lever, with automatic octave key, it features keywork to low C. It comes standard with a. Professional C* Bb contra bass mouthpiece. Designed to produce a beautiful tone, even scale, and excellent intonation, this clarinet truly offers the best in professional quality. Please note this instrument is available as a Special Order Only.