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Mid-60s Vintage Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Series Wood Clarinet - Serial # 83703

Product Code: 83703BuffetR13Bb

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Product Description

This is a mid-1960s vintage professional Buffet Crampon Paris R13 series clarinet in Bb, serial number 83703. This clarinet was lovingly played and cared after for decades by its previous owner. It will get a fresh cleaning and overhaul from our shop before shipping, and come to you ready to bring further years of enjoyment.


Though it shows signs of use such as scratches and finish wear on the touch points of the keys, the instrument as a whole remains in great shape. One small crack has opened up from the lower tenon of the top joint; this will be pinned and sealed properly in our shop during the overhaul. No other past damages or repairs that I can see. The instrument comes complete with original bell and barrel.


This clarinet will be overhauled by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny. She'll disassemble and clean/oil the body, polish all keys, and replace all pads and material. It will get a fine adjustment so that everything feels perfect under your fingers. All work to get the clarinet in tip-top shape is included in the price.


If you are looking for your first professional wood R13 on a budget, you won't go wrong with this choice. It's a fine instrument with a warm, full sound and easy response. Our work will make it even better!