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Mid-50s Vintage Selmer Paris Centered Tone Clarinet in Bb - Serial # Q5820

Product Code: Q5820SelmerCT

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Product Description


Wonderful mid-50s vintage Selmer Paris Centered Tone series clarinet in Bb, serial number Q5820. This is the model made famous by Benny Goodman, so if that's the style/sound you are going after, you'll love this horn. Currently in our repair shop in line for a repad, it will ship with all new pads and material, precisely adjusted, and all work is included in the price.


Through all the years, this clarinet has stood the test of time. The body shows no cracks and no prior crack repairs. Keywork still feels good and there are no previous repairs. The instrument comes complete with original 66mm barrel and bell, and original HS* (in the oval) mouthpiece. The mouthpiece shows playing wear, but no nicks to the tip or rails. It is even in its original case!


As a sax player, I love this old Selmer clarinets. They play with a rich, warm sound, very easy blowing, and even though I don't the perfect clarinet embouchure, they respond great and are very forgiving. They also make for great instruments in the pit, with strong projection without losing that warmth/color.