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Low Price on a Professional Buffet Paris R13 A Clarinet - Serial # 150317

Product Code: 150317BuffetR13ACalr

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Product Description

Here is a nice, freshly repadded Buffet Crampon Paris clarinet in A, serial number 150317. This clarinet is in tremendous shape and is available for a low price. It is the perfect option for the advancing student looking to pick up their first A clarinet for a bargain.


This clarinet is in great shape, with no previous damage to the body and only minor finish wear to the nickel silver keywork. It was just repadded by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, using premium pads and synthetic material. The clarinet comes with its original bell, and 2 vintage aftermarket Buffet Moennig barrels (64mm and 65mm).


This clarinet plays with a very warm tone, but not overly dark or stuffy. It takes your air well and produces a clear sound without exerting a lot of effort. This is a bargain for anyone wanting to get a freshly overhauled and adjusted Buffet Paris A clarinet! Ships in a BAM double case with space for your Bb.