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LOW PRICE Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Series Clarinet in A - Serial # 440884

Product Code: 440884BuffetR13A

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Ships in BAM Double Case
Product Description

This is a very nice late 90s vintage Buffet Crampon Paris clarinet in A, serial number 440884. This grenadilla wood clarinet is a great option for advancing players looking for their first A clarinet. It is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh cleaning, oiling, and repad, and will ship in perfect playing shape.


This clarinet was lovingly played and used since purchase by one owner. They added risers to many touch points for their own playing comfort, but we'll remove those and clean the keys during our repad. The instrument experienced one crack in the upper joint during its life; this has been professionally repaired with 3 pins and done very well. The repair is hard to spot. Other than that, there's minor finish wear to a few keys and touch points, and a single minor crack in the bell which has been glued shut. No other previous repairs. The clarinet comes with original 65mm barrel, as well as an additional Moennig 65mm barrel for a subtly different tone color. A trill key has been added to the ring finger left hand, to make trilling with the right hand first finger possible. This key can be removed if the buyer wishes.


A professional R13 in A for $2500 is a bargain price. Once we finish our repad, it will be in perfect adjustment and backed by our full one year mechanical warranty. The instrument ships in a BAM backpack double case, with room for your Bb and extra barrels.