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Leblanc Concerto II Bb Clarinet, Serial #82652

Product Code: 82652ConcertoIIBb

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Full Professional Re-Pad
Product Description
This is a very nice Concerto II Bb wood clarinet, serial number 82652. The clarinet has been freshly overhauled in our shop and is now in perfect playing condition. It now has all new pads, corks and felts. It was set-up with cork pads in the upper joint and Valentino synthetic in the bottom joint. The body joints on the clarinet are in great shape and have no cracks or history of pin repair.
The Leblanc Concerto II was designed by Leblanc in collaboration with clarinetist Eddie Daniels. Its construction features a hand crafted key design with offset trill keys, adjustable bridge mechanism and a right hand E/B and F#/C# keys. Leblanc and Eddie's concept was to deliver the easy playability and sound of the Concerto I with improved key ergonomics.  
This particular clarinet has a rich response and a beautiful warm sound. The great control on the instrument allows for precise pitch and plenty of sonic flexibility. This clarinet ships in perfect playing condition with a new protec case.
This clarinet includes a 66mm and 65mm barrel.