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Harvey Pittel Hand Eze Rest for Sax

Product Code: Handeze
Condition: New

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Pittel Hand Eze - Available for Saxophone
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Product Description
Saxquest is thrilled to offer the the new thumb rest system by Harvey Pittel. 
The "Pittel Hand Eze™" was born of necessity. Some 32 years ago, as I returned from a 17-concert, 23-day tour with my Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet, I began to experience severe nerve pain in my right thumb and hand. This condition, diagnosed at the time as "overuse syndrome" or "English horn thumb," soon required me to use custom hardware that enabled me to play the saxophones and clarinet without placing any weight on my right thumb and hand. An early version of what would become The "Pittel Hand Eze™" effectively relieved this weight and allowed me to carry on my career for these past three decades and some 2000 professional concerts.
Over the past several years, I have worked to create something that would enable EVERY saxophonist, clarinetist, oboist and English horn player to attach a piece of hardware easily to their OWN instrument, freeing the right hand and thumb. The two versions of the "Pittel Hand Eze™"--the "Hand Eze" for saxophones as well as the iteration for clarinet, oboe and English horn--remove the weight from the hand and thumb.
The "Pittel Hand Eze™" attaches to the body of each instrument by replacing its original thumb rest and adjusts easily both horizontally and vertically. It may be attached to the clarinet, oboe and English horn using either the instrument's existing thumb-rest screws or those included with the "Hand Eze". We have also included a double sided easily removable adhesive. For saxophones, the "Hand Eze" attaches with the instrument's existing thumb rest screw and plate.
-Harvey Pittel