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Grenadilla Wood Selmer Paris Balanced Tone Bb Clarinet - Serial # L4229

Product Code: L4229SelmerBTBb

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Product Description

This is a cool old 1934 vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Tone series Bb clarinet, serial number L4229. These clarinets make for great instruments for jazz and doublers. This one will get a complete cleaning and repad in our shop before shipping, and go out in perfect adjustment.


The grenadilla wood body on this clarinet is in excellent shape with no cracks and no previous crack repairs. The wood on these old clarinets is extremely dense; if it hasn't cracked by now, it's not going to! Keywork is all in great shape, no prior repairs. The instrument comes complete with original bell and Selmer Paris barrel, measuring 64.5mm.


This clarinet is currently in our repair shop in line for a fresh overhaul. We'll replace all pads and material, polish the keys, clean and oil the body, and return it to playing perfection. If you love a free blowing clarinet, or if you are a sax player looking for a forgiving doubler, this is the perfect horn. Ships in a new Protec Max series case.