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Golden Era Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Series Clarinet in A - Serial # 147450

Product Code: 147450BuffetA

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Properly Maintained and Cared For
Product Description

This is an excellent condition Buffet Crampon Paris R13 clarinet in A, serial number 147450. This clarinet is an excellent option for advancing students wanting to pick up their first A clarinet, or any professional needing a performer on a budget. It has been professionally played and properly maintained for all of its life.


The grenadilla wood body is crack free and shows no signs of previous repairs. The keywork also shows little finish wear, and the horn has obviously been well cared for. The bell is original to the instrument, though the barrel is a newer 65mm Buffet barrel. Pads are still soft and in excellent condition, with lots of life left in them. The clarinet just received a fresh adjustment by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, and is ready to ship. She replaced any material not up to our standards and made sure the instrument is in proper regulation.


This clarinet plays with a sweet and colorful tone. It takes your air fluidly and offers the perfect amount of positive resistance to help focus your tone and give you something to push against. A very nice instrument for players of all levels. Ships in an A clarinet hard Buffet case.


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