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Freshly Restored Evette & Shaeffer by Buffet Paris Wood Clarinet in Bb - Serial # K12901

Product Code: K12901EvetteClarinet

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Product Description

This is a professionally restored Evette & Schaeffer wood Bb clarinet, serial number K12901. Produced by Buffet Crampon in Paris, this clarinet features a grenadilla wood body and is an excellent “step up” option for advancing players and hobbyists.


This clarinet was just restored in our repair by shop, by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny. It has all new pads and material, and has been precisely regulated. Physically, the instrument is in excellent condition. The wood body is in great shape, and it still has its original bell and barrel. Even the original case is in superb shape. The handle has been replaced, but the case itself shows little wear.


For any player looking to advance past their beginner plastic clarinet and get their first wood instrument, this is a fine clarinet to buy. It is a true Paris made Evette and is backed by our full one year warranty on the pad work.


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