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Freshly Repadded Grenadilla Wood Buffet Crampon E11 Bb Clarinet - Serial # 472203

Product Code: 472203BuffetE11Clar

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Product Description

This is a freshly restored Buffet Crampon E11 series Bb clarinet, serial number 472203. The E11 has long been the go-to clarinet for advancing players wanting their first wood instrument, and this one ships with all new pads and top-end regulation.


This clarinet looks great, with only minor cosmetic wear to the grenadilla wood body, barrel, and bell. There is only minor finish wear to the nickel plated keys on the usual touch points. The factory Buffet Paris stamping has faded a bit with time, especially on the barrel, but all the parts are original to the horn. The serial numbers match on both upper and lower joints. This instrument has all new pads, new tenon corks, and new key adjustment material, and is in perfect playing condition. All of the work was done in our shop by Derick Tramel.


This E11 plays with a clear and concise attack, and is very responsive. It plays with a nice depth and color of tone, excellent for both advancing students and professionals alike. It is a wonderful instrument for the player on a budget, and our work is backed by a full year mechanical warranty.