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Freshly Cleaned & Repadded Vito Resotone Bb Clarinet - Serial # B58017

Product Code: B58017VitoBb

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Product Description

This is a freshly restored Vito Resotone clarinet, serial number B58017. This Bb clarinet is a great instrument for beginners or doublers alike. It plays easily, with a comfortable response, and is forgiving in all the right ways. This clarinet has just been completely cleaned and repadded by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, and is ready to go for years to come.


The Vito clarinets have long been fantastic instruments for beginners. They are durable and well built, and this one is no exception. Audrey's work has it playing the best it ever has, with all new pads and material, and it has been precisely adjusted. She took the same care that she would take on a professional model, so you can have assurance that it will show up in perfect playing shape. This package ships complete with its original mouthpiece, a matching ligature and cap, and in its original case. If you've been wanting to get started on clarinet but don't to get burned buying a used clarinet on Ebay that needs a ton of work, buy with confidence!