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Florida Vintage Otto Link 'Slant Sig' 5 Clarinet Mouthpiece

Product Code: SlantLink5Clarinet120820

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Product Description
This is a hard rubber slant signature Otto Link Tone Edge 5 for Bb Clarinet. This mouthpiece a facing measurement of 1.17mm (0.046 inches). This piece plays wonderfully with a warm, up-front, tone. This piece has a rolled tip baffle that allows a bit ease of air flow.
Considering this the mouthpeice will have less resistance than a modern clarinet mouthpiece, favorable for a saxophone doubler. The physical condition of this piece is good for one of it’s vintage, some of the original paint remains on the engravings, there are only a few teeth marks on the beak, and scrapes from the ligature on the sides. These blemishes are only cosmetic and don’t affect the playability of the piece.