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Exc Condition Buffet R13 Series Clarinet in Eb - Serial # 413493

Product Code: 413493BuffetR13Eb

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Ships w/ Fresh Overhaul
Product Description

Professional model Buffet R13 series clarinet in Eb, serial number 413493. This clarinet came from a professional player who lovingly played it for years. It is now time to find a new owner who will enjoy it just as much.


This grenadilla wood clarinet shows no previous cracks or repairs. The previous owner had many risers added on the various key touches for comfort, but we'll remove those before shipping. The instrument was well maintained over the course of its life, but it has been some time since it was fully repadded. As such, it is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete overhaul. We'll take it apart, clean and oil the body, and replace all pads and material. We'll remove those risers, and adjust spring tensions and key heights throughout for optimal feel and response. We'll leave it playing like a new horn again! Check back for new photos once the work is complete.


This clarinet plays with a centered tone and easy response. It takes your air well with excellent control, even in the upper register. This is a great option to pick up an Eb “sopranino” clarinet at a price far lower than the current new rate. Ships with its original 41.5mm bell and barrel, and in its original case (hope you like South Park!) with case bag for extra storage.