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Early Vintage Buffet RC PRESTIGE Bb Clarinet - Serial # F205489

Product Code: F205489BuffetRCPrestClarinet
Condition: Used - Very Good

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No Cracks, Outstanding Original Condition
Product Description

This is an early vintage Buffet-Crampon RC Prestige series Bb clarinet, serial number F205489. This instrument was hand selected in Paris by the original owner in 1980 and remains in superb condition.


This is one of the early RC Prestige clarinets. While it doesn't have the Ab/Eb lever that was introduced later, it still has the RC bore and was made from select Grenadilla wood. The F in the serial number denotes that it was produced for the European market, where A=442, but the instrument does have a slightly longer barrel (67mm) to aid in tuning here in the states. The clarinet shows absolutely no cracks or past crack repairs, a testament to the quality of wood and the skill of their technicians back in the day.


This clarinet has been well maintained over the years and pads are all in excellent shape. We will oil it and make some minor adjustments before it ships, but it is playing beautifully, with a rich dark tone and easy, effortless response. Five minutes with it and you realize why the RC Prestige has long stood as one of the best professional clarinets you can find. Comes with a like-new hard rubber Buffet Crampon Paris mouthpiece, with matching silver ligature and cap.

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