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Early Vintage Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Series Bb Clarinet - Serial # 60919

Product Code: 60919R13Clarinet

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Shipping with Fresh Repad & Adjustment
Product Description

This is an early series, 1959 vintage Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Bb clarinet, serial number 60919. This instrument dates back to the early days of the R13 model, and is a fantastic option for the player looking for an R13 at a low price.


The grenadilla body, barrel, and bell all show no cracks and no crack repairs. While the keywork shows a fair amount of finish wear as to be expected from clarinet of its age, the keywork shows no past damages or repairs, and all is in perfect working order. This clarinet is currently in our repair shop and will be completely repadded by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny. Included in the price, Audrey will disassemble and clean the instrument, replacing all pads and material, and fine adjusting the clarinet throughout.


This clarinet plays with a sweet, warm tone, with nice focus and a small amount of back pressure to aid in centering your sound. It takes your air well and responds quickly, with nice articulation. It is hard to argue with a fully repadded R13 for this price, so grab it quickly! Does ship in a good hard case.