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Early 20s Vintage H Selmer Paris Full Boehm Clarinet in Bb - Serial # 3271

Product Code: 3271SelmerClarinet

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Product Description

This is an early 20's vintage H Selmer Paris Full Boehm system clarinet in Bb. The serial number is very hard to make out on both joints, but it looks like 3271, which would date this instrument to 1921. It does feature the early H Selmer logo which supports a 20's era vintage. Both upper and lower joints are original, the bell is a slightly newer vintage, and the barrel is a newer 65.5mm Selmer Evolution barrel.


This clarinet is still in tremendous shape after all these years. The wood is in excellent condition, I see just one previously repaired small crack in the upper joint, which has been correctly pinned and done extremely well, it is very hard to spot. No other past repairs to the instrument, and the newer bell and barrel fit perfectly with the clarinet. It does feature the extra keywork of a full Boehm clarinet.


This clarinet was recently fully restored, comes in good pads and corks. The keywork has been shined and looks like new! This instrument is a fantastic example of early Selmer professional clarinets, at a time when Herni Selmer himself (as a clarinet player) kept a keen eye on that aspect of his company. This clarinet does ship in its original case.