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Choice Doubler Clarinet, Buffet Crampon Pre-R13 Bb Clarinet, Serial 23593

Product Code: 23593BuffetBb

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Product Description
This is a great instrument for the progressing clarinet player or a woodwind doubler looking for a quality instrument on a budget. The wood body of the clarinet is in very good condition. These old Buffets feature very dense grenadilla. There is not history of any cracks or crack repair on the clarinet. All of the tone holes are also in great shape. 
The previous owner of the clarinet had it set up with cork pads in the upper joint and skin pads in the bottom joint. We are going to go through this clarinet in our shop to ensure it arrives to you in good playing condition. In order to keep the price at a premium we will not put our complete professional set-up on it. 
Clarinet does ship with Portnoy hard rubber BP02 mouthpiece and Buffet E11 hard case. Please stay tuned for a play test video. 
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