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Buffet Crampon R13 Bb Clarinet, Serial #111895

Product Code: 111895BuffR13Bb

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Product Description
This is a nice Buffet Crampon R13 Bb clarinet, serial number 111895. If you are looking to get into a nice professional clarinet at a great used price this is a great way to go. This clarinet has been professionally played and maintained. The previous owner did have a 3 pin repair done to the clarinet on the upper joint. This work was professionally done and is hard to spot if you are not looking closely. (See Picture 8 near the register key) The bell and barrel of the clarinet are both in excellent physical condition. 
The clarinet was routinely serviced by another shop. It came into our shop playing beautifully with and older set-up of cork pads on the upper joint. The clarinet was also checked out in our shop we regulated the clarinet and improved some of the felt and cork work. This is a beautiful playing R13 perfect for anyone looking to get into a professional level Buffet on a budget. Instrument ships with hard square case.