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Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet – Low C, Serial #H43259

Product Code: H43259PrestigeBass

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Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet
Product Description
This is a superb professional model Buffet Crampon Prestige low-C bass clarinet with a grenadilla body and silver-plated keys, serial number H43259.
Buffet clarinets have long been a standard of professional clarinet players. This bass is in beautiful condition and was nicely maintained by the last owner. The body joints, as well as the silver-plated key work, are in fantastic condition. There is no history of cracks or crack repairs throughout the whole instrument; the neck and bell are in very nice condition as well.
The keys are robust, especially the long ones for all the alternate low notes. This clarinet was regularly serviced by the previous owners so all the keys have a positive feel when depressed. Low D has three alternate fingerings, one for each pinky and your right thumb. Low C# and D are also for the right thumb as they usually are. There is an alternate G#/D# for the left pinky, as well as an extended C/G key to help you reach it.
Sonically, this clarinet puts out a massive, lush sound in the lower register, and the freeblowing feel made this a real treat to play-test. The clarion and altissimo registers are almost identical to eachother in timbre and resitance while locking in intonation with ease. A skilled player savvy to all the alternate fingerings this horn provides would be a step ahead of their competition certainly.
The previous owner provided regular service to this bass clarinet, in order to ensure this instrument leaves our shop in perfect playing condition, we will also check it out top to bottom before shipping.
Ships in its original Buffet deluxe case.