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Buffet Crampon Pre-R13 Model Bb Clarinet, Serial Number 33333

Product Code: 33333BuffetBbClar

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- Currently Awaiting Full Restoration
Product Description

This is a Buffet Pre-R13 model Bb clarinet, serial number 33333. This wood clarinet was manufactured in the late 1940's. The condition of both body joints is excellent. Looking over them closely the clarinet does not show any history of major past repair or crack repair. The nickel silver key work is also in nice condition. This clarinet includes an original 66mm barrel and a blank after market barrel which measures 61mm. There is a small surface crack on the Buffet Barrel.


The last owner of the clarinet took good care of it over the years. It is due for some standard TLC and is currently in line to be mechanically restored in our shop. The restoration will include a dissemble, cleaning, oil treatment and polishing of the key work. Once this is complete all of the corks, felts and pads will be replaced followed by a professional regulation of the key work.


At the time of its manufacture this was considered to be a top of the line professional clarinet. The Pre-R13 is going to be considered less focused in comparison to the modern R13. These clarinets are ideal for players looking for something slightly different then the traditional R13 sound and response.