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Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Bb Clarinet Greenline Series - New Pads! - Serial # 450821

Product Code: 450821R13Clarinet

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Product Description

This is a freshly overhauled, fantastic condition Buffet Crampon Paris R13 series clarinet in Bb, serial number 450821. This is a Greenline series clarinet, perfect for players who find themselves outdoors or in uncontrollable temperature/humidity environments, as the material is far less prone to cracking than traditional grenadilla wood. It has just been repadded in our shop by our top clarinet tech, Audrey Denny, and is ready to go for the long haul.


The body and keys of this clarinet are in tremendous shape. There are no previous repairs, and little noticeable finish wear to the keywork. The original Greenline bell and barrel are included. Audrey repadded this instrument with leather pads throughout, using top grade synthetic material for the key adjustment material, so it feels positive under your fingers. All key heights and spring tensions have been finely tuned for a perfect playing experience.


This R13 plays with a rich, warm sound, offering excellent control and a strong resonance. It takes your air very comfortably with just the right amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. A great instrument for the busy musician who finds themselves in a variety of settings, or perhaps the community band member needing a dependable R13 without breaking the budget.