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Buffet Crampon Paris France R13 A Clarinet with Silver Key Work, Serial #483615

Product Code: 483615BuffetR13A

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Buffet R13 A Clarinet
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Product Description
This is a fantastic Buffet R13 A clarinet, serial number 483615. The clarinet has been professionally used by the previous owner. It is currently due for some cleaning and servicing but is in excellent physical condition. The body joints are in great shape and have no history of cracks or crack repairs. 
The last owner of this instrument had a small number of barrels. It includes a newer Chadash A650 barrel as well as a Chadash B 66 barrel which was shortened to 63mm and a R13 B barrel measuring 62.8mm.
This clarinet is currently awaiting a complete re-pad and serving in our shop. The work will included a dissemble, cleaning and oil treatment followed by a precise set-up and key regulation. Once complete the instrument will be in perfect playing condition with all new pads and key materials. 
When the work is complete we will update the listing and photos. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.